Who Takes Care of Wiring When Doing a Remodel?

IdolCo Electric Inc handles remodel electrical work in Kernersville, NC

Many traditional contractors don’t have the ability or the knowledge to complete electrical work for a remodel. Most contractors team up with an electrician to ensure the functionality of their final product. If you’re a contractor in need of a partner for electrical work, contact IdolCo Electric Inc. We can power up your remodeled space.

Go green right from the start

Go green right from the start

At IdolCo Electric Inc, we make sure our newly integrated electrical systems can benefit the customer beyond just functionality. For our remodels, we guarantee the most energy efficient electrical setup any electrician can offer. Contact us today to start putting money back in your pocket. Our electricians can:

  • Assist with all wiring and its design
  • Install ceiling fans and other fixtures
  • Add LED lighting throughout the space
  • Coordinate landscape and security lighting
  • Complete basement wiring
  • Handle microwave installation

Experience the difference with IdolCo Electric Inc. From security lighting installation to fixture installations, our Kernersville, NC electricians can go the whole nine yards for your remodel. Reach out to our team today to get started.